For twenty-four years we have been representing Buyers searching for year round, vacation, waterfront, land and commercial property. As an exclusive buyer agency we do so without conflict of interest, at no additional cost, exceeding expectations at every step. We are your due diligence researcher, investigator, adviser and advocate. We are not salespeople. So if you believe a real estate agency should be working for you and not just the commission, give us a chance to earn your business….and if you are like most clients–loyalty and friendship!

“As a native of the Berkshires’ Henry has a depth of knowledge and experience that is second to none. He met with land planners, town officials and other professionals to ensure accuracy as to property boundaries and environmental conditions.  Henry was a trusted adviser and passionate in first helping us find the right property and then in researching and providing assurance that it satisfied our family’s needs.”

Ira Grossman, Perry’s Peak Richmond, MA

“I am extremely fortunate to have met Henry. He does the research necessary and knows the vast area of the Berkshires. He is a pleasure to work with and very patient with the task of finding the right property which can be daunting. Once you have made a purchase, Henry is still there to help with issues that arise. He met with the conservation commission, environmental consultants  and contractors and helped resolve a challenging title problem. Call him and you will find a new friend while searching for a new home.”

Roy Hayes, Edgartown, MA


  • Twenty-four years experience as a Berkshire real estate broker. Southern Berkshire Buyer Brokers was established in 1996 when buyer agency was relatively new and unpracticed. EXPERIENCE Subsequent affiliation as a Broker Associate with Stone House Properties, Benchmark RE and Cohen and White Associates. Berkshire Buyer Brokers was created (re-branded) in response to perceived demand for unbiased buyer representation that practices more thorough, detailed, research and analysis.

    Extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, individual listings and the sales used in the preparation of a detailed comparable market analysis. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Great familiarity with the Berkshires’ many cities, towns and neighborhoods, vacation communities, lakes, ponds and all of the recreational and cultural attractions that make living in the Berkshires’ so rewarding. We know the territory!

    Attorney review of town zoning and association bylaws, conservation commission, building and health department records. DUE DILIGENCE RESEARCH We also perform a preliminary title exam, confirm and establish property boundaries and setbacks, prepare and draft contracts and addenda, and review all forms and documents incidental to the transaction. Our agency is all about exhaustive research and that also includes working with and recommending highly qualified attorneys, bankers, land planners, wetlands experts and other professionals.

    Restoration contractor gives a preliminary (pre-inspection) assessment of each property and detailed design and renovation advice. PROPERTY EVALUATION Estimates are also frequently requested from local contractors and inspectors to better assess property condition and potential.

  • As an Exclusive Buyer Agency we do not take residential listings so there is no potential conflict of interest. 100% LOYALTY We interpret our fiduciary responsibility to mean fully evaluate the subject property using that knowledge to negotiate the best price and terms, for you, our much appreciated buyer client.

    NO ADDITIONAL FEE This is all provided for you at no additional cost as our commission is generally pre-determined and divided with the listing agency for each property featured in the multiple listing service.

    Also donating a portion of our commission to a Berkshire conservation group of your choice.


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